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Are you ready to transform your health from anywhere in the world? My challenges set you up for long term success that will take you to your full potential if you are willing to put in the time and work. I’ll be there to coach you along the way. Commit to making the changes you want to see in your life and you can do anything.

Your challenge pack will include:

  • a workout you can do at home or anywhere you have your smartphone with our app OR WiFi OR a DVD player
  • a 30 day supply of a superfood protein shake
  • a complete meal plan
  • personal coaching from me
  • a private online support group of like-minded individuals

Join as a challenger or as a coach! Just ask me how!

Why would you want to try this out? Here are a few success stories to get you inspired! All stories are in their own beautiful words. 



it’s crazy to think that with so many more things to juggle now, i’m in such a healthier place! all i had to worry about then was getting up for that 8am class and now i’m busy running two of my own businesses, being a wife, and a mom to a endlessly moving 10 month old. but i don’t use those as excuses, i use those as motivation to make the time to be the best me not only for me, but for my husband and son. if i’m not the best me i can be i can’t be 100% for my family and making these changes TOTALLY trickles down to my family. not only am i cooking healthy for myself but also for my veggie hating picky eater husband ( who now gladly eats brussels sprouts and request eggplant for every meal!!! woohoo!! ) and my eats anything and everything son.

so like any typical freshman i packed on my very own freshman 15 but by spring of that year i was ready to make a change. i was tired of buying bigger jeans every year and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. through high school i consistently put on 10 pounds a year and for some reason i thought it would stop once i hit college. but it didn’t, i only gained more. i started going to the gym every day and hitting the salad bar at meals instead of the ice cream bar. it took me the rest of college, the remaining 4 years, to lose 40 pounds. the past few years i’ve fluctuated a bit ( and more than a bit when i was pregnant! ) but have been finding ways to get back to where i feel most confident.




Last week [my husband] Erich and I were hiking in the Smoky Mountains and it made me realize how FAR I’ve come since our first trip there years ago. The first trip I was SO uncomfortable physically and mentally with the weight I was at and was so exhausted on the hike. While I enjoyed the scenery, I did not enjoy the physical experience and remember feeling like I was lumbering along and just really sluggish and out of breath. I was kind of glad when it was over.

Last week I felt fit and confident in my abilities, light on my feet, agile, and excited about tackling some steep terrain. I was proud of my body’s strength and felt happy.

I owe this change in large part to coaching. I had been in shape before. The problem was, I was always going back and forth. As soon as I hit my goals I would stop doing everything I did to achieve them, namely working out and eating healthy. I hadn’t yet found a way to enjoy those things or a motivation to stay consistent.

That is what coaching finally gave me. When I take on clients, I feel the need to lead by example and I don’t want to let them down. This keeps me going daily. I love that I don’t have to be perfect, or an expert, but I do need to be committed if I expect my clients to be. I need to walk the walk. When I do, they do, and when they do, they get the incredible results I’m always sharing with you in the amazing transformation photos you see. Those transformations inspire me even more, which motivates me further, and the cycle continues.

COACH ERIN S. (That's me!)

COACH ERIN S. (That’s me!)

April 2015: telling myself and everyone around me that I felt well even though it wasn’t even a little bit true most days.

April 2016: actually feeling well on a consistent basis for the first time in my adult life.

Truth: People don’t always look the same way they feel. I think I look good in both of these photos but the person inside these photos is way happier and healthier in the 2016 version. The mental transformation I’ve had is the best thing that’s happened to me since I started coaching.

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