Don’t Forget to Eat is a wellness blog by coach Erin Southerland.

Food has always been my passions for as long as I can remember and even before that. My parents tell me that we went to The Blacksmith Shop steak restaurant for my second birthday and I surely had steak, medium rare, with toast points. 

My passion for health and fitness came later, after I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, and I realized just how valuable my health is to my life and my ability to do everything that I wish to do. To maintain remission, keep my positive attitude upbeat and peppy, and feel healthy, I exercise every single day, drink a superfood shake every morning, and eat on a healthy meal plan 80% of the time (everyone needs treats).

What’s in a Name?

Don’t Forget to Eat is a take on that old phrase uttered before long journeys way back before texting and email: don’t forget to write, combined with something a special friend of mine and I often need to be reminded: don’t get so consumed by work, travel, life, or projects that you forget to eat meals. The name is a reminder to take the time to slow down and enjoy life, eat your meals, write, and appreciate the day. It’s an invitation to share.