Race Report: A Christmas Story 10k

At the beginning of the month, I launched into the Christmas season with A Christmas Story themed run in Cleveland with my best running buddy.October to December 2014 067

We both had a very busy week leading up to the race, so we were grateful for day-of packet pickup. We arrived to pick up our packets about half an hour before packet pickup ended. We didn’t have to wait in line and got our packets easily among a myriad of runners clad in pink bunny suits, leg lamp costumes, and Santa outfits.

It was a cold, windy, and rainy morning. After we got our packets, we went back to the car and watched it rain until 15 minutes before the start.

October to December 2014 068

Then, we took an indoor shortcut to the start and arrived just as the race was starting. We didn’t even have to stop and wait for the start, we launched right over the start line in the middle of the crowd.

October to December 2014 076 October to December 2014 080

My asthma really did not like the combination of cold and damp that morning, so it was a very slow race, but there was plenty to see along the course: views of Cleveland, elaborate themed costumes, and fun facts about the movie posted along the course.

October to December 2014 093

I had no idea that Clevelanders loved this movie so much. The original house from the movie is at the 5k point of the race (the finish for some and the halfway mark for others). To be honest, I hadn’t seen the movie until the night before. But as we learned last year, I love a Christmas-themed race and I’m very glad to have participated in this race!

The organizers ran short on medals and even though our time was slow, but reasonable, and far from back of the pack, we didn’t get a medal. But we received an email apology and I’m hopeful the medal will arrive this week.

Overall, a fun, quirky race that would’ve gone better had it been a bit less cold and damp. Afterward, it was the perfect day for a pancake breakfast and lots of coffee.

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