Get Some: 22 Minute Hard Corps Pilot Group

Guess what, you guys?! Tony Horton’s new workout program launches TODAY and it is wicked. The name: 22 Minute Hard Corps The theme: a short, intense, bootcamp-style workout with Tony calling the shots Who Is This Workout For? This workout is primarily for people who Are busy and want a short, intense workout Want a…

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Why I Could’ve Skipped Sorrento

Everyone told us to go to Sorrento. Seriously. Everyone. That should have been the first sign. The guidebooks said go to Sorrento. The blogs said go to Sorrento. The friends said go to Sorrento. It’s beautiful, they said. It’s quiet, they said. There’s a gorgeous lemon grove, they said. Drink the limoncello, they said. So…

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